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Is there’s a way to open logic without any plugins at all?


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I’m getting a message all of a sudden on only one song .

I have a few different copies of the same session/song on different hardrives …so it’s not the specific hardrive . I’m also able to open other waves plugins and other sessions ….yesterday it was fine . All of a sudden I can’t open a song . I get this message ! I tried contacting ol’ waves today no luck ….

does anyone know if this is actually a waves issue ? Has anyone had this message ?

“Logic Pro X quit unexpectedly while using the WavesLicenseEngine plug-in.”

hard to believe the song itself is corrupt …this is bad as it’s an important song. Any help appreciated. 

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6 minutes ago, Jordi Torres said:

Hi NoPro,

Yes, you can launch. your project with plug-ins disabled or CoreAudio disabled, see here:

Use startup modifier keys with Logic Pro for Mac


Thanks for that . Any idea if the song opens up or not  with plugins disabled as described if that means logic is corrupted and it’s not a waves issue ?

I tried unchecking all waves in plugin manager in a different working song and then when I tried to open the “bad” song it still gave me the same error messsge .tried rebooting also .

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To bypass all third-party Audio Units plug-ins:

Quit Logic Pro if it's open.

Open Logic Pro and immediately press and hold the Control key before a project opens.

In the alert, click Launch Without Audio Units.

Just in case here a video I’ve made about


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6 minutes ago, NoPro said:

Does this only work on the latest version of logic ? I’m on 10.5.1. Thanks 

In your case Press the Control key while the app is opening. This will disable core audio and will let you open logic in case of 3rd party plugs problems. You can then disable or remove them and relaunch logic normally. 
this video is made with your logic version



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