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Seamless Punch In & Out Guide for Logic Pro 8...


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I hope this clarifies the issue that some have raised stating that punching in and out is not possible in Logic Pro 8.


The issue that some are having with Punch On The Fly or Record Toggle making the other tracks stutter or go silent briefly, and the drops being late etc can be caused by any or all of the following...


~ Having plugins across the master or main output fader (I've found Pro Tools HD is the same with a live mic)


~ Not having the track armed/in record ready


~ Using Replace


~ Software Monitoring doesn't seem to affect it, you just won't hear what you are dropping in without it! : )


Use Auto Input Monitoring to hear the track before and after the punch in. Switch it off to hear the live input AND the armed track playback as well.


Trying to avoid the Takes/Comp scenario on a single track just doesn't work. The management of each drop in via the Takes menu really makes patching tracks a breeze. Destructive recording ala a tape machine is not available simply because this would create an entire NEW audio file just to glue in EVERY drop in you make.


For fine, pinpoint drops use the Set Punch In/Out Locator by Playhead (available in the Customize Transport Bar. Zoom in to find your in point, press *L, find your out point and press *R. Engage Autopunch in the transport bar, pre roll a few bars and press Record. Your robot engineer never screws up... Very quick and very easy. Swimming through however many takes later is very easy.


This is a basic guide to glitch free drop ins. My setup is listed below for reference. It is also dependent on your audio interface setup, heavy track count, active plugins etc. but really, it just works the way it is supposed to.


I hope this helps.

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Yeah, I agree. I think the comping function is very good actually. And in terms of punching in and out I never quite understood why you wouldn't use the auto punch feature. I guess some people just have their particular ways, which is definitely respectable , but I personally feel that the auto method is a bit more precise.




Have a good one

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