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Logic Pro APC40 Mk I Custom Control Surface


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This is a pretty complex setup, no OSCulator or anything like that. Full Navigation & Grid Feedback, Clip & Scene Launching, The Track Control Knobs can select Pan or Aux 1-8 on all 8 channels, and Shift triggers secondary functions for all controls. The APC40 feeds into an Environment Layer for custom assignments, which outputs to both the APC40 and an IAC Bus.  A Faux Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 Control Surface reads that IAC Input and outputs grid info via a second IAC bus into a custom map in the Environment. Still some programming to go, but yes this is 100% Logic Based, and transferable via .cs import and Environment Layer Import. I'll be doing a full write up soon if you are crazy enough to try something like this I can show you how. Don't tell Apple.

Here's a short video and a pic of the Environment Mods:


APC40 Mods 11:17:23.png

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APC40 Mk 1 Customized modeless Control Surface for Logic Pro with full LED feedback 11/17/23

Here’s a few more details on the above post:

I’ve had a goal of using my APC40 with Logic as a customizable surface for a while, and wanted the expanded functionality Ableton provides via its Remote Control Scripting.  It’s a big ask.  Ive been working on this for a few years now in many forms and have kind of stumbled into Wonderland. It goes without saying that this type of Modding should no be attempted unless you have a pretty good understanding of Logic. I’m a 26 year veteran user.  Here is the General Outline of how this works:

- The APC40 should be in Mode 1 (Ableton Live Mode, 0x41)
- The APC40 inputs into Logic and is interrupted at its input in the “Cables & Ports” Environment layer, routing it to an Environment Layer called “APC40 Mods”. I use these “intercepts” frequently for many purposes.
- There’s a lot going on in the APC Mods Environment layer, but the point is, after all the modifications this layer outputs to an IAC Bus named “APC/LPX Mod IAC Bus” and a few things route directly to the APC40.
- I have installed a Control Surface for a Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 with its input set to APC/LPX Mod IAC and its output set to APC LED Return IAC.  It is important that you DO NOT CHANGE THESE SETTINGS.  It will destroy the template. Never rebuild your Control Surfae Defaults, and back up your .cs file regularly. The CS file ONLY updates when you quit Logic.
- The APC/LPX Mod IAC Bus sends all this data back into Logic, where it triggers Control Surface Assignments in the Top “No Mode” modeless assign area where all your CMD-L Learned Assignments go by default. A few commands are triggered in the LPP3 Control Surface and some LPP commands have been cleared of assignments for clean operation.
- Shift + Record Enable 8 sets the Track Knobs to PAN, the knob select buttons enable AUX 1-4, and while Shifted enable AUX 5-8 on all 8 tracks in the bank
- I’m also fine tuning a Function Map and onscreen display for user ease.

The Grid Mapping Syntax:
It took a minute to figure out a sensible data flow for the grid map - this order works
The feed is an intercept of the APC LED Return IAC Bus.

Separate Notes & CCs
Pass only Notes 11-18, 21-28…81-88
Set for Empty, Loaded, & Selected Values
Modify Queuing/Playing Ch/Values
Send to LPP3 —> APC40 Grid Mapped Instrument
Remove Duplicates
Send to APC40

Current Status:
Multi viewer in Mod Layer
Checking Mod Layer by APC “Sectors”
- Selection
- Transport
- Navigation ✴️
- Global
- Grid ✴️
- Scenes ✴️
- Stops
- Faders
- Cue/QAA
- TRK Knobs
- Shift
- Add Mode Display Panel for Mods
- Select to APC LPX Mod IAC?

Scene triggers need adjusting for Queue & Play States
There are a couple of flaws in the grid, ch 7 map seems wonky
Row & Column Banking could be tighter
Inst and Plug-in “mode” (By One)
Custom Bank for Smart Controls
Fix Track Select/Focus Stability (Mixer Learn?  Within LPP CS?
Check Record Mode Feedback
Isolate TRK, Device, Nav & Global by Zone
EQ Controls
Check & Update Control Diagram

I’ll keep updating here as I progress for anyone who is interested in this kind of stuff.

Wish me luck and Have Fun!



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Here is an update with some features i neglected to show in the last video:

Keep following this project here on Logic Pro Help, the one stop shop to mastering Logic on your friendly interweb.  I cannot praise this site enough.

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