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Logic 8 as notation software?


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How is Logic 8 with inputting music as notation? I have some interest in preparing quasi-orchestral scores. I know that Sibelius is very good for this sort of thing, but I don't really need to be able to have a lot of print flexibility, and I want it to sound better than Sibelius does.


Anyway, that's where I am. Has anyone any experience with this?


Thanks a lot!

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It would work fine as long as you're not picky about the look. Also, unlike Sibelius :D or Finale :x , Logic's dynamic, experession, and tempo markings are display only. If you want Logic to play the piece back with particular dynamics, you'll have to play it in that way, and then also add the dynamics in the notation editor if you want them to print out.
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I used Logic 7 pretty extensively for scoring, but there are some awful bugs that make 8 unusable for me (chord slash bug is the biggie).


The thing I love about Logic is the speed with which you can create the print version of a song. If you master the key commands, you can get a big band chart written, arranged, printed and demoed in a day. It makes scoring a part of the creative process, not something separate. I like that, but others find it frustrating.


It also matches how I think about music. In Sibelius, I'm forced to think about music graphically, and I have to replace graphics instead of shifting musical ideas around in time.


In Logic, the connection between MIDI data and the score window means I can think about music as notes placed in time, which is a more intuitive connection for me.


That said, I move to Sibelius to do anything that's going to orchestral players, or anything where graphic display quality is critical. It looks better quicker than Logic does.

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