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Ultrabeat w/an Electronic Drum Kit


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Hey Roger,

I was going to get that one, but it has cheap pedals that are built onto the frame.

For a couple hundred more, you can get the TR3.. i think.

I bought a decent kick pedal... and this set up works great.

It comes with a mesh snare pad, and it's easy to upgrade the other pads to mesh later.

Now I'm trying to figure out all the mapping etc... for going from BFD.. to EZ.. to EXS.. etc.

They seem to have some diff mappings.

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hmmm....interesting...i have a roland vdrums kit with a TD20 brain which i've never explored using the midi I/O function of it, dunno why but i just never thought of it till now after reading your post. anyway, i'm just using the direct analog outs hooked up to direct boxes for each output from the TD20 that way it come out as individual channels so i can mix em like a REAL drumkit.


how is yours set up? like how do you get the pads to trigger ultrabeat on Logic pro? and when you use it with ultra beat does it come out as ONE stereo track? or does it still have individual channels for each trigger?


see here's the thing, i'm using the kit on a LIVE setting like at a show with a PA system and all. i just wanna know if there's a way to have the pads trigger the sounds in ULTRABEAT and route them back to the TD20 so i can still have individual channels at my mixing console. am i making any sense? hehehe :)

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With BFD, DKFH. and EZ selling like crazy...it seems stupid that no manufacturer is making an electronic drum kit that connects via USB.


There is an obvious need that no one is filling.


Ehhhh.... I'm tired of usb cables. Seriously I've got way too many of them, and the whole power source requirement thing is getting on my nerves. I was so pleased to have to buy a midi cable when i just got this Alesis DM5 Pro Kit. So far i'm pretty happy with it. Its only single zone, so not up to the Vdrum flexibility, but being able to get a real live groove going is priceless... okay not priceless but it wasn't that expensive either.


That said the usb edrum kit is definitely on the way.

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here already - shoddy build quality though




I had a Vdrum set up for a while but sold it to buy my first mac a few years ago...a G3 white Ibook. I bought the mac Logic express 6 and a Koby elctronic kit+ Alesis DM5 brain with the proceeds from that sale.


The Vdrum stuff is good but waaay overpriced - the outs on mine bled into each other and I got a bit pised off with how Roland had all this amazing stuff going on for keyboard players but was charging twice as much to drummers for technology that was years behind the keyboard workstations they were producing, probably because they thought drummers were too dumb to work out that clever stuff.


I use the Koby ekit now with EZ drummer and it's fantastic - much cheaper than Roland and sounds much much better.


As for OP yes I've used it to trigger Ultrabeat as well - just set your midi triggers to the right note and away you go

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