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Problem with audio outputs


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Hi all


I'm new to Logic and this forum so please be gentle.


I have been sent a logic session from another user. I can see the 48 outputs he has assigned on his system but I cannot select my own outputs. I am trying to use the mac internal core audio output. If anyone has any suggestions they would be warmly received.


I am running Logic 8 on an Intel Imac.


Thanks Brian

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I'm not sure I understand your question.


If you're talking about audio outputs and you've selected the iMac's built-in audio in Preferences/Audio/Devices, then you should be able to hear all Logic's outputs. Built-in audio is a poor choice for most things, but you ought to be hearing something if it's setup correctly.


If you're asking about how to route a given track through different processing gear, that's a different question.

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