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Handwriting music in the score editor in Logic for iPad

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Hello everyone! Was just wondering if you can HANDWRITE music notation in the score editor in the new Logic for iPad?  From what I can find, you can handwrite in notes, name regions etc, and Logic will change your handwriting to text, but cannot find anything about handwriting notation into the score editor.  THANK Y😊U!!! Stay well and play on!!! 

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Thank you oscwilde!!! You'd think it would be one of the first functions available since you can handwrite notes, track names, etc.  Ah well.  Maybe they are revamping the age old score editor! We can always hope! Thanks again and stay well! 🙂


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1 hour ago, skillzmcgavern said:

Haven't tried this yet but it might work for at least converting written stuff to MIDI and then importing into Logic

Cool, but Logic for iPad lacks scoring facilities of any kind. It doesn't have a score edit window (yet).

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8 hours ago, skillzmcgavern said:

I'm guessing it's also impossible to handwrite with a touch screen or mouse on the Mac OS version?

No touch screen Macs...and the mouse (or trackpad) lacks the precision required for this sort of use.
The iPad/Pencil appear to be ideally-suited to the task....but we'll just have to wait until Apple can develop this idea.
While the Score editor is well-established, the using it like paper paradigm (on an iPad) would require a pretty significant programming effort....as existing input methods - dragging/dropping of symbols/notes, etc. from part boxes would need to be maintained...for non-Pencil users.

It would definitely be a killer feature though, for the dots and lines crowd.

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9 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

Even a Score editor in Logic Remote would be great! 🙂 

An Arrange window view would also be helpful. I often track drums etc. in a separate room from my computer and being able to navigate around more on an iPad while in the live room would be such a workflow improvement.

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I've tried numerous times to get something useful out of StaffPad but so far I've failed nearly every time. So I wouldn't hold my breath here.

(IMO handwriting recognition still sucks for normal texts let alone music notation.)

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