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Hey everyone, i'm new here and to Logic!


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So, i'm a newbie to audio completely. I'm a singer, and didn't really get into producing my own stuff. I just sang what I was given (no wonder why I was getting bored with choir, and voice lessons). Well, I bought an mbox 2 mini just to record some karaoke tracks with vocals about 6 months ago, and now i've uncovered this awesome world of pro audio. I have an Intel Imac and decided that I wanted to be less restricted, and have more ins and outs (and firewire), so I bought a Tascam FW-1804 and Logic Studio. Best move ever! Now I am adding new gear and software almost weekly. The problem is, I have alot to learn! So, hi all, I am J. Ayers, i'm in the San Francisco east bay area, and I hope to enjoy this journey i've started. Any tips, help, or advise will be much appreciated. And I don't know how these forums work quite yet, so if this is in the wrong place, sorry.
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