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Mackie Onyx Satellite

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I've been sort-of in the market for a FW interface for a long time, but it's never been a priority. I don't record too much live audio (acoustic guitar, and the occasional vocal track), so I've been hobbling along with an old Behringer mixer that I can't turn off because the phantom power won't come back on, run out the tape-out into my built-in line-in. Try to imagine an uglier chain.


But Musician's Friend has the Onyx Satellite practically on fire sale ($179), and I'm thinking it might be time to take the plunge. I'll miss the 2 extra pres from the mixer (it's nice to be able to keep my LDC plugged in at the same time as a stereo pair of SDCs), but I'll probably also have cleaner pres and less desktop clutter.


That said, is there any reason not to buy this thing? Bad drivers, bad pres, etc.? At that price, it seems like it's the only thing in its class--I'd spring for a Firebox or Saffire if there were some compelling reason, but you're talking about $100+! Thanks.

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