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Score: inserting measures?


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You may be confused because you're looking for a way to create empty bars from the Score window. That can't be done.


I can't tell if you want to create more time within the file or just add an instrumental without changing the overall duration of the cue.


If you want to create more time, in Arrange, experiment with Region > Cut/Insert Time. If you put the Playhead (SPL) at frame 110, you can insert time there and record an instrumental into it. You could also use the pencil tool to create an empty region and hand-enter the notes back in Score.


Of course, if you just want to add an instrumental without changing the overall time, you'd just hit record with the right track selected.

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Plowman thanks, I am looking for a way to add empty measures to a score. I have added 3 measures in the arrange window by cutting 3 from the end and splicing with glue at 110 but I hope there may be a better, cleaner way to select, and add, without the potential to screw up somewhere else. Sometimes It's just Tally Ho and go for it, it worked, first time is always a bitch, thanks again, Brian.
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Hi Brian, There is a slightly more direct way to do this.


1. Set the playhead at the beginning of the insertion point.

2. Select all the regions from that point to the end of the song.

3. Draw the locator bar from the insertion point to three bars over,

4. Region > Cut/Insert Time > Insert Silence between Locators. Logic will ask you if you want to move all the global elements too, and usually you would.

5. Use the Pencil tool to add an empty region (thus empty staves) in the gap you just created and draw it to the proper length.,


Yeah, it does seem like a lot. But it has a smaller screw-up potential than the gluing you describe.


It's tempting just to divide all the regions at the playhead and drag them over three measures to create the space. But when tempos, key signatures, and meters change later in the song, that can create chaos.

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