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Shortcut for 'New With Same Channel Strip/Instrument


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Wizard, huh? :D


I assume you speak of LP8??


While parked on the said "Channel Strip/Instrument" , look up to the top of the tracks, and just below the Edit tab, press the tab to the right of the + tab.

It has + and what look like little folders.


This does exactly that.


Rock on, Gandalf! :mrgreen:

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He is looking to make another track that uses the same channel strip and instrument so as not to use more CPU.. It is indeed called "New with Same Channel Strip/Instrument" and it is available as a key command.


I use it so often I assigned it to F1.


Ahhh. Miscommunication. I was reading Musicianista's answer. So, maybe what you're asking for, audiowizard, is HOW to create the shortcut.


1. Go to your Logic Pro > Preferences > Key Commands (default Option-K)


2. In the Spotlight search field type in what you wrote in your subject line, even just the first three words ("New with same...")


3. Select the command line


4. Click on the Learn by Key Label button and use whatever shortcut you wish. If it clashed with something else, Logic will let you know


5. Close you Key Commands window, and off you go.

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