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Fuzz when recording vocals


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I imagine this problem is possibly due to me having too many plug ins and my processor not being able to handle it but I want to know how I can reduce this problem.


I only have 2 vocal audio layers doubled up, both matrix reverbed. I try and add a phaser to one but a horrible fuzzing keeps popping up. I tried freezing all of the other tracks but it still happens.


The rest of the song for now only has 10 tracks (5 midi)


I have a mac book pro 2.16ghz Intel Core 2 Duo with 2gb 667 mhz ddr2 sdram.


I would be very grateful for some tips :-)

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Hey thanks for replying.


Matrix Reverb is the plug in I have on all of the vocal tracks. I also had speech enhancer but took it off in attempt to decrease the crackling noise.


I tried muting all of the audio tracks and the noise only goes away if you mute all of them. If I only mute 1/2 out of the 3 then it still makes the noise. However when I solo each of the audio tracks it cant be heard.


Sometimes when it make the noise if I stop it and play again, it doesnt make it.


Freezing the tracks does help but then becomes inconvenient when I need to edit them again.

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