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Using Plugin I/O for sending to hardware via digital.


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I have an Apogee Ensemble, and a Eventide 2016 Reverb


In Logic I have my inputs set to monitor my Hardware Prophet VS. I have them going into inputs 1+2. I then have the Digital connectors going from my Apogee Ensemble to the Digital in/out on the Eventide.


In Logic I send Inputs 1 +2 to a bus. For the Insert on the bus I choose the I/O plugin. The plugin is then configured for Inputs 9/10, and outputs 9/10. I then normalize my send to 0.


Now viewing the levels, The inputs 1+2 show -3 and the Bus for the effects coming back are a lot lower. The Eventide is set at 100 percent Wet.


So I go to the I/O plugin, and adjust volume to +4 for the inputs and outputs.


Is this the correct way to do this?



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