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Loops Seem to Be Linked


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I created a track in a Logic 8 project and placed a drum loop on it. Rather than check the box to loop this track, I just copied and pasted a series of loops to the desired length of time that I wanted. I wanted to edit one of these loops by dragging my mouse pointer from the end of the loop to the left to make the segment shorter. When I do this, all the other loop segments move along with the one single one that I want to shorten. It's like they're all linked but I made sure that I had only the one segment highlighted.


I recently went from GarageBand, where this was a no-brainer to do, to Logic 8 which obviously is quite a different animal to work with. I'm sure it's just a setting somewhere but I can't seem to figure out where that setting's at. Anyone else ever run into this problem? I'd greatly appreciate your input. :D


Also, anyone have any good book references on how to use Logic? Maybe something in the Dummies series or The Missing Manual series?



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Sounds like you may have accidentally discovered a features of CLONES.


From the manual:

"Clones can be created for audio regions (by Option-Shift-dragging). These are

comparable to MIDI region aliases, but differ in that adjustments to the start or end

points of any cloned region will affect all other cloned regions in the same way.

Adjustments to the source region do not affect clones."


(That doesn't seem to work for Apple Loops though.)


Simply option-dragging instead copies ... the copies aren't linked.

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