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Very strange "Running out of Regions" error


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A song I've been working on is basically inaccessible. I can open it, but anything I do brings a box that says "Running out of Regions" with a 'cancel' button. I press the cancel button a the box comes right back. After clicking cancel 40 or 50 times it finally disappears. Any operation I try to do on the song will do the same thing. I've googled this error and found nothing! Any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't want to lose this song..


I'm running a Macbook Pro with 2Gigs of ram, the song is not very very big either.

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Sorry, I can't help you with this, but I feel that Apple should make available a new PDF.


"Messages... what they mean, & how to fix, or work around them".


If they are going to give us these type of message, for gosh sakes.. don't make it hard to understand what's going on!

I've had a few, and most seem to be pretty cryptic.


I mean, someone coded these darn messages (and for good reason I assume)..., so how hard could it be to compile a small text doc as they create them.... about what they are.. etc.

Anyone with me?


BTW, years ago (about 11 years) ...got a gig doing an Aerobics Workout track.

Had to be one hour long.

I had it almost done, and then error.

I was on Cubase at the time, and sent the file off to one of the programmers in Germany.

Got it back about 4 months later, and the guy said I had run out of events.

I lost the gig in the meantime.

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