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What OSX?

Which OSX are you using right now?  

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  1. 1. Which OSX are you using right now?

    • Tiger
    • Leopard
    • Other

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Any reasons why you haven't moved up? I have been inclined to stick with tiger but just getting a new set up together and a apogee duet and it was my m-audio cards drivers that were holding me back before but not everything should be ok??


Is there any probs with instruments/plug ins?

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I'm like a history of Apple. Since 1986, when I bought my first PPC which I still have running OS9, a G4 tower running OS9, a G5 running Tiger and Logic and an iBook running Leopard. Unfortunately (or fortunately) apple computers seem to go on forever, I often see PC's just tossed out the back lane of our house. Can't say I've ever seen a Mac or display out there. While I'm on the subject of stuff that lasts, I bought 2 BenQ 19" displays and after 2 years just went blank. That's probably the reason for the 3 year warranty. Anyway a friend had the same thing happen to his BenQ. Just wondering how long my second one will last. :roll:
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yup...Tiger on my Quad G5, Leopard on my MacBook Pro, and Panther on my wifes G3 iBook with 384 megs of Ram and a 15 gig hard drive :) It's the most stable of the bunch...not that I can anything with it other than Email and some websurfing...


15 gig HD..lololol.

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