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Problem with outputs


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Hi all, This is probably something very simple for power users but it has me stumped.

I run an RME Fire Face 800 on Logic 7.2 and I have somehow managed to cut the sound running through output 1 & 2 (defaults) and have no idea how I have done it. There is still a signal through total mix but no sound through my monitors. I am however getting playback through the headphones out.

For the life of me I can't figure out how to fix it. I have read both the RME manual and the Logic Manual but can't find the answer. I have also checked that the default settings on my mac are all the RME F/F but still nothing.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do?

Cheers guys

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You likely changed Totalmix presets accidently.


In TM, make sure in the Master section you have Playback, Output and Submix highlighted.


Select the bottom left fader pair which is hardware output 1&2. Be sure they are up.


The faders above them should be Playback 1&2 so make sure they are up. Save this as a preset.

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ok, tried correcting it in T/M and didn't work.


I also went to my settings/utilities Midi set up and have noticed that when I test the speakers on out put 1&2 there is no signal through the test option. Would this mean that I have changed a setting somewhere on the actual mac without realising?



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