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How do I do this?


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Ok, I have a External Compressor hooked up to my Presonus Firepod channel 1. (it's a little RNC1773 which I love btw :P)


I use it to add a little bit of compression to things when I record.


is there a way to rout an audio track out to the firepod and add more compression after I've recorded it, with this outboard compressor?


I realize this may be a really dumb question, and maybe a recording basic, but I've never learned how to do this, so if you know, please explain in a "Logic for Dummies" fashion in easy steps.


or if it's not possible, then you can print out my avatar picture and use it for toilet paper.



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Ok, Good start, but I'm not getting anything. I mean I need REALLY basic explanations.


Here's how my stuff is set up-


I have the RNC connected to channel 1 of the Firepod.

i.e.- line output of Firepod channel one is going into RNC input (mono) and RNC output is going into Firepod channel one input.


this works great when I'm recording a mic that is inserted into the mic jack of channel 1.


Do I need to set this up differently to use the I/O plugin?


I've tried using the I/O plugin, and I select channels 1 for the in and outs, but it doesn't seem to be working. I hit record, on the track, and nothing.

the only thing that happens, is I hear the track, but it is only coming through the left speaker. and the compressor isn't responding.


any deeper explanations would be really helpful.




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Apparently, you are not connecting things right on the Presonus.


The idea is that you should be able to connect up to 4 independent RNC (that is, 8 mono or 4 stereo) to the unit. Therefore, look for where you got connectors in groups of 8...


Let's go:

1. Connect the LEFT IN channel of the RNC to the #1 of the 8 LINE OUTPUT-TRS BALANCED (back of the Firepod). On the RNC, set the threshold at +20 and the gain at -15.

2. In Logic, insert the i/o plug-in on the track you want to process. Leave the Output Volume set at 0dB. Then set the Output on 1. Play your song (loop it where you're sure to have signal going through that channel).

3. On the RNC, slowly turn your threshold knob counterclockwise. Your LED meter should come to life (but you won't hear your signal). If it doesn't, get back to the i/o plug-in and select every output one after the other until satisfaction.

4. Connect the LEFT OUT channel of the RNC to the LINE INPUT 1 (back of the firepod).

5. In the i/o plug-in, set the Input on 1. Play your song through the RNC and make sure you got signal in there (LEDs illuminate). Open the GAIN on the RNC. You should normally get your signal back on the channel.


This should work with any of the Line outptus of the FP and any of its Line Input (front and back), providing you setup the i/o plug accordingly. What you did was connecting the preamp out to the RNC, while you weren't using any of the preamps, now were ya? heck no. You use the preamp when you record.

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OK, an update- really weird, it worked on one song, plugin is fine, I just go to output 7, and input 1 (that's the way I have it routed), and everything works great. but then it doesn't work on 2 other songs I opened.


I don't know what the deal is, I tried putting the I/O plugin on different tracks in some other songs and it won't work. then I'll open up another song, and it will work???


is there something I have to enable for each song to let this work?



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I had a problem once of a pair of outputs delayed for no apparent reason. I had to go through a lot of testing to isolate the problem, and I realized it belonged to Logic (and not to hardware as I first suspected) and, more specifically, to one song. The important thing here is to think and think and think - as logically as possible, no pun here - to really isolate the problem. Hardware (interfaces, ext devices, etc)? Drivers? Core Audio? Logic in general? Logic in only one song? etc.


Here's what you can do once you're sure it has NO OTHER explanation than being a bug:

Go to your Library->preferences->Logic. Zip the Logic prefs an mail it to yourself for safety. In case of disaster, you'll be able to put them back. Then trash the file, empty the trash, reopen your song and it should work now.


Watch out though: some of your custom Logic stuff (particularly custom colors, for example, or some EXS24 custom settings - can't be more specific) will be lost. DO SOME RESEARCH on that before you do. There is info on this forum. Get your shovel and dig...

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