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Why can't I do anything surround?


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Hey everyone. Here's the issue:


I can't do surround. I've read every part of the manual that has to do with surround, but a few things will not happen:


1. When I go to make a new track, I can select only stereo or mono, never surround. Even if I open up a surround mastering template, these are my only options.


2. I imported a 7.1 file from the internet, and when I go to bounce it, the "Surround Bounce" box is greyed out, I cannot check it.


I have my audio settings to 7.1, I have my audio preferences set properly to 7.1. My audio interface supports 7.1 and is set up to do so.


Is there something I'm missing? Any help is GREATLY appreciated as I have to show something to a client in a few hours :shock:





PS I've deleted all of my preferences etc and this didn't help.

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