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Logic 8 / BFD 1.5


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hey there....


trying so hard to get BFD 1.5 to even show up in Logic 8.01.


installed it...can't find it anywhere. Im super stupid so can anyone give me a blow by blow?


thanks in advance,



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I'm about to buy BFD 2, and maybe one expansion pack. Any red flags??? (Logic 8 on OS 10.4.11/Quad G5)


I don't know if BFD 2 has any issues, as i am running 1.5.47 ... I would recommend going to the fxpansion forums ... you might have a little more luck finding out if their are issues or not ... issues or no issues i am asking my bf for it for my birthdaywhich is next month so i don't miss out on the discounted upgrade price ...

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