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Second logic song evar


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quite cool


some points......the main beat could benefit from some kinda movement...just an opinion/matter of taste....maybe using a delay and automating the feedback (tape delay maybe)


also, be careful with the first pad...those type of complete chord-in-one-key sounds tend to be quite 'angular'...i like that a lot but you have to be careful how you blend them with other instruments..


here, for me, the notes within the chords are at odds with the bass line...this choice of pad/chord thing really 'dates' the tune.......and i feel the level of the pad is too high in the mix


good that you vary the beats later, but again, they feel very rigid....this may be exactly how you want it....if so...fine....



keep on truckin....hope this helps

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First off, I think the bass is a bit to much, my entire desk I shaking :D but the bassline itself is good, I do think it would be cool if it had a bit more swing into it.. It feels a bit to quantized.. The last part of the song is really nice, with the cool synth line.. The sound of your drums sound a bit "cheap" and sound like a reason or battery kit which are fine, I just don't like them personally.. Overall conslusion.. good track dude :D [/i]
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