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Who's There?


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Here's my 1st offering to this site.. it's a simple melody line that reminds me of a doorbell hence the title: "Who's There?". The percussion section is Stylus RMX all the way and it also provides some sidechain influence to instances of Sculpture and EXS 24.. the sax and clavinet parts are loops that I cut up and put in for some contrast to the simple melody.


Being primarily a guitarist it's a bit ironic that this is my 1st Logic piece to share with you.. but since I've been working hard on some other more guitar oriented compositions that aren't quite ready to release I needed a little diversion project.. and I liked the outcome.. hope you enjoy.


"Who's There?"

Copyright © 2008

Trebor Ladres

Demozon Music

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Trebor, I like it.


The bass region sounds a bit muddy, you may have too much going on down there. Also you have a drone sound throughout the song that might be contributing to the problem.


I hope you don't mind the criticism, and I would love to hear your guitar work.





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