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*MASHUP* - Maneasy Lover (Nelly Furtado Vs. Phil Collins)


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Nice! Diggin the track. :)


When you do mash ups, what's your approach? I've been beat mapping to one song, and then cutting up pieces of the second song and using "Adjust Region Length to Locators". I was thinking about using cut off filters and EQ to try and extract just the beat or the vocals at certain points but I'm not sure what works well.


Would love any tips/advice

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This was my first mashup. I've been wanting to do these 2 songs for a while because they've sounded like they could fit together.


Here's what I did.


I put both tracks from the CD int Ableton Live Lite. Not the full version, but the one you get when you buy any kind of hardware that's over $100.


In Live I tempo matched them to 135bpm, going through and marking each transient as necessary.


Then I bounced both tracks from Live seperately. I created 2 stereo tracks for each bounce in Logic Pro. Then when I wanted a part I would simply copy and paste from those tracks and to different tracks. Like I'd copy the chorus of one song, the verse of another, and so on.


Since I think Maneater and Easy Lover have a common message I tried to make the mashup while visualizing what's actually going on in the song. For this I thought I was in a club with Phil Collins, and in walks Nelly Furtado, trying to seduce me. But Phil, since he is worldy in his experience with women, tries to set me straight and warn me about her reputation, how she'll leave me and deceive me, better forget it, I will regret it.

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Cool. I like the visual... "But phil, since he is wordly in his experience with woman."


I have a copy of ableton live lite, but I've never thought to install it. Why do the tempo mapping in live rather than logic? Is it just easier in that program? Also you say you created two stereo tracks for each bounce... is that just so you can cut up one copy of the song, and still have the preserved original on another track?



Thanks for the show and tell.

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For tempo/beat matching there's just no comparison for me - I GET how Live works. With the latest release (I have Live Lite 6, and that was upgraded from version 3 or so) they've made the tempo and pitch manipulations sound so good - you do the same thing with Apple Loops and you can hear the 16th note rhythm as it analyzes things.


This kind of thing is not what Logic's Beat Mapping was made for. If others prefer doing this kind of thing in Logic I'd love to hear the process. After trying to figure out how to do it in Logic for 5 minutes I just figured "do this in Ableton Live because I already know how to get it done."


Plus, Easy Lover has these syncopated riffs - some phrases start on the "4 - AND" of the previous measure, and the tempo strays just a teeny bit. Not like Maneater, which was made 20 years later on a computer.


Live Lite, despite it being the lightweight version, does have some useful features that you can integrate into Logic through ReWire. Being able to warp marker regular beats, chew them up and spit them out into something completely new is something I should take more advantage of. I love Logic so much that I don't think I'd ever buy the full version - :wink:


Perhaps that's why they don't really make new Live Lites anymore.


Excuse me, I meant that each song (Maneater and Easy Lover) got their own stereo track in Logic. So each bounce got its own stereo track. In my Logic file the 2 tempo-matched originals are at the bottom of my arrange, so I never actually modify them.

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yeah... if u like Nelly Furtado , u really should check out some of the recent dance hits from Europe....


it's pretty clear that dance music is coming back in the USA ... and around the world... hip-hop and r&b are finally dying out.....


everyone knows that the hottest dance tracks come from the euros.....check this compilation series on itunes... it's the "Euro Club Hits" series... for example..... extremely good stuff -- here's the direct itunes link:



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