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My new track (a work in progreess)


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This is very much a work in progress .. any thoughts on how to improve the mix would be greatly appreciated ... im struggling to get the bass to sound right :




Im also thinking of re-recording the acoustic , and mic'ing instead of DI ..


There's no vocal at the moment as im getting over laryngitis.... :(

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Hey man -


Sounds great - what are you using for your drums? Live?


I would defintely mic that acoustic, it does sound like a DI acoustic.


Maybe scoop a bit out of the piano sound to let the bass breath a bit? Sounds like they are fighting a bit.


All round very good! ike your electric tone a lot.




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Thanks for the reply ... im using Ultrabeat - Indie Live Kit ... but i output the kick and snare to their own aux tracks so i can eq/compress/effect them separately


I'll try what you said about the piano and see if it makes a difference ...



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