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dfh superior drummer hyperset (!updated to 2.0 +exp packs)

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np :)

i like this drum plugin so much... :D


here ya go, another one. templates with routing done on auxes 64-82 (so it leaves you first 64 auxes for you) (and on the buses 10-15, basic stems.) where ALL mikes go out from the drummer plugin into logic, so you can mix it entirely in logic (which is my preferred way, thats why i liked 1.6 better for very long time.)

also .s20 project files with routings inside superior drummer2.0 to go with my templates and also have all bleeds enabled (1.6 had a nice button "enable all" which this one lacks.)


too bad (or good?) that the 2.0 has different outputs routings and hypersets for each drumkit. it makes each on special but it screws up the flexibility. :)

superior2.0 plugin projects.zip

dfhs2.0 logic projects.zip

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had a second look..

the second time it closes up on the laptop, can actually read the "Drumkit from hell EZX" Kit in the top. ;)

i dont like EXZ packs because they dont have as much hits as the superior lines has

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Hello all!


This is my first post on this forum. I just discovered it today when I did a search to find some tips on Logic.


I just got the metal foundry, but I only have hyper sets for the avatar kit. Just wondering if there is one out there for the metal foundry?



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Hey, you are in luck, im into making it today.. expect it in as much as 24 hours. :)

multi-out logic aux setup + s2.0 multiout project with all the panorama set for mono strips + hyperset. :)


sorry it took me so long, i have my head on thousand places lately..


p.s., i'll also try to update to 2.1.1 changes for ALL the kits. (some maps have been changed since).

if not today, expect it in a week or so... :)

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here ya go.

all projects have been at least a little updated.


if you want to use hypersets with all the cymbals, you need to use MY s2.0 presets with the MIDI notes already asigned.. :) else youll need to asign them yourself.


latest zips include The Metal Foundry logic routing template and s2.0 preset for the metal foundry.


like the last time, presets include full bleeds, routing and now MIDI asignments for the unasigned presets. :)


each logic project contains only the corresponding drumset hyperset!


edit: just quick fix of the logic projects

s2.0 presets.zip

s2.0 logic projects.zip

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