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My Radiohead remix (please vote!!)


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Thanks David!

It was a little rushed because I wanted to get it online asap.


For drums I used 4 instances of Ultrabeat with both tweaked stock sounds and random individual sounds I've downloaded from various places.


The only element from the original is the vocal track.

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You guys are awesome. I posted a similar post on two other online forums and the got deleted because they considered it SPAM.


Thanks for not only letting my keep this thread, but also for your votes!


It's now #53. I know its early but it does feel good to be in the top 100.

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I worked on it all weekend and gave myself today as the deadline.


Its underneath my music player on my myspace.

Please vote for me, I'll be forever grateful.





your stuff is pretty cool.. kinda different which is so friggin rare anymore.

its raw, its ... its cool man.

u may like this... my new project. still in the works - a series of EPs... all to be released independently. enjoy... im getting great feedback after being out of the race for a while.. it feels fantastic. good luck with the radiohead remix! imma' go back and vote NOW! way cool. and again... i like your stuff. i really do. everyone on here should check it out. friggin GOOD s#!+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


here's my "leaked" sneak peek from EP1... have fun!





:D :D :D

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