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Pro Application Support 4.0


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I just recently installed Logic Pro 8, and I'm having some trouble. When I try opening it, it says:


Wrong Pro Application Support version installed.

This version of Logic Pro requires Pro Application Support 4.0 (687.0) or newer.

Prokit: 591.0


Okay, so I search online for that version. The only versions I found is 3.something and 4.02. So I tried to install 4.02, but in the "Select a Destination" section of the Installer, a red exclamation point appears over both my Hard Drive, and my External drive, saying "You cannot install Pro Application Support on this volume. This volume is not eligible for this update".


What do I do?

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I had the same problem, and solved it by installing Logic Pro 7 from my CD, which installed the Pro App Support software. Then I was able to update to the 4.0.2 Pro App Support version, and subsequently able to run Logic Pro 8.
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