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Giving up MainStage. Too buggy at this state.

Sepp Ultura

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I'm giving up MainStage to trigger Drums and DrumSequences.


First issue: "Latency" when triggering sequences in Ultrabeat. It always takes one step for Ultrabeat to start. Sequences with a resolution of 1/8 take one 1/8 note to start, sequences with a resolution of 1/16 take one 1/16 note to start etc.


Second issue: First, when loading an Ultrabeat kit that I have built myself (Drag and Drop Samples Kit), everything seems to be fine. But after a certain time, the wrong samples are loaded and I end up with the samples of the "African Kit" and a jungle beat... :lol:


Third issue: Midi Signal Drop out. After updating to version 1.0.2 MainStage won't get any Midi Signal from my Alesis Control Pad. Upon starting up MainStage, everything works fine, but after 2 or 3 minutes, there is no signal coming in. It is not a problem of my ControlPad but a problem with MainStage. It works fine with Ableton Live.


For a live situation, MainStage is not usable in the current version. I am using Ableton Live now.

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