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MIDI help in Logic 8


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I'm having problems with external MIDI tracks. I have a MOTU 828 MKII, to which I've connected a ROLAND XP10 (midi in and out). In the Library pane there are only 16 MIDI channels to choose from with a corresponding sound in brackets beside each channel. How can I select from the 128 general MIDI sounds which should be available. I've recently migrated from Digital Performer 5, in which I was able to select the MIDI sound from within the actual MIDI track. I've tried selecting the program from the channel window (the area to the right of the Arrangement window) and I can see all the available MIDI sounds, however the sounds generated do not correspond to the program selected. i.e. if I choose 18 Rock Organ, the sound generated is 6 Harpsichord.


Any advice would greatly appreciated,





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You need to get Program names for your XP10 from somebody else or program by yourself.

If you are created External midi Instrument then go to the Environment -> "Midi Instr." layer and you will find the corresponding Multi.

Double click it to open it's Program names dialog:


1/ If you can find program names from somebody else, just copy all the names from the text document and go to the Multi Program Names dialog -> Options ( top right ) and choose "Paste All names". Somebody can provide a Multi with reprogramed Names etc...


2/ If like to try to do by yourself - just double click say the "Rock Organ" ( 3rd row of the 2nd column ) and type the new name "Harpsichord" corresponding to your synth Program message etc...


3/ You can define different banks with custom names ect as well....

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