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Optimal External Drive Setup

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Ok, I have read through all of the posts in this forum related to USB vs. Firewire, and optimal drive setup (regarding recording files, samples, etc.). I have Logic Pro 8/7 installed on my internal drive. I currently have a USB 2.0 drive for my samples, and a FW400 drive for my audio recording. I am upgrading the audio recording drive now (as it is only 250GB), and am wondering if I should upgrade the samples drive while I am at it.


There are two FW ports on my iMac. Currently, my PreSonus Firepod is plugged into one, and my audio recording drive is plugged into the other. Here's my question in relation to the Samples drive. Would it be faster to continue using the USB 2.0 drive, or to purchase an additional FW400 drive and daisy-chain it to the audio recording drive? I understand that FW400 is generally faster and more reliable than USB 2.0, but is that still the case when daisy-chaining?


Related question: if it were faster to daisy-chain the extra FW400 drive, should I daisy-chain it to the audio recording drive, or to the Firepod? Or should the Samples drive have its own bus, and the audio recording drive be daisy-chained to the Firepod?


Thanks so much for your help.



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