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Recording from Buses or other Audio tracks w/effects?


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Wondering how to record from a bus including its effects into a seperate audio track???........I am trying to put an effect (supatrigga) on my whole mix and record it so I can use the samples.....I have an audio track recording from a bus, but it will not pick up the effect I have on the bus??



Also how do you just route one audio track to another? Ableton, all you have to do is assign the output of one audio track to another audio track

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Let's use a simplified example:


You have one source audio track, an Aux, and an audio track you want to record the effected source onto.


Source track has a send to Bus 1. Aux 1 has its input set as Bus 1, and its output set to Main Mix.


If your Recording track has its input set to Bus 1, it will be hearing the same signal as Aux 1 PRE-EFFECTS, at the beginning of its signal chain.


There must be several methods to do what you want, but this is the somewhat circuitous solution that occurs to me:


• Set the Output of the Source audio track to Bus 32 (or whatever is unused.) This will create an Aux 32 track. It will be a submix of your effected audio track (including effects), so set its output to the main mix.

• Set the Output of the Aux effects track also to Bus 32 (the submix).

• Leave the Aux 32 fader at unity gain. This should leave your whole mix sounding the same as it was.

• Set the Input of your recording audio track to Bus 32.


If there are other audio tracks using the effect, you will need to mute them before doing the recording.


I believe this will work but have not tested it. Others may have a more elegant solution. Void where prohibited. Enjoy responsibly.

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V8.0.2.....my equipment should now appear in my signature, thanks


Thanks a lot for doing that. Let us know how Matt's suggestions are working for you. Basically, in Logic, a bus is a virtual digital audio cable, so you use it to route the outputs and choose the inputs of the channel strips you want to connect.

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Nice......thanks a lot for the help!! I ended up getting it working by bouncing all the tracks to one audio track so they were all together then sending that to aux 1 w/the effect.......then i sent that to aux 2 and aux2 to an audio track


kind of a round about way, but it worked....thanks

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Why send Aux 1 to Aux 2? Why not send it directly to the audio track to be recorded? Are there plug-ins inserted on Aux 2?


i'm not sure what he's got going,


but you can NOT route an aux directly to an audio channel in logic8.

but its not necessary anyway, auxes have nothing to do with it.


the path is; original track is output to bus, then set the input for your new

audio/record track to recieve from that bus.


thats similar to the way live7 does it,but ya got the bus as a connection between the 2 audio tracks.


in short;


track to bus to track ............... forget the auxes ( in this case anyway).

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