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Help with recording midi events?


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i would like to know how do you merge 2 overlaping midi parts, e.g im in cycle and i record a kick playing it in via midi controller, i then want to record the hats but when i do it creates a new block over the top of the kick block i just recorded so my question is how do i merge the 2 or better still have the record mode set so if i go over any existing midi parts it just merges them

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Yup -- here's my more detailed instructions...



I hate the overlapping parts myself -- very confusing as you don't know what's there (but I suppose useful when doing lots of "performance" overdubs).


But more to the point, there's a project preference (not Logic app preference) that will prevent overlapping parts:


File/Project Settings/Recording... menu

MIDI section/Overlapping Recordings choose Merge with Selected Regions



With Logic's (useful? annoying?) approach to splitting app/project preferences, the only way to make this occur by default is to create a custom project template, that gets opened as your default new document when you open Logic. (See manual Chapter 7 Working with Projects)

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