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How do i get Logic To export its SMPTE Code?

the sinner

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Somewhat of an emergency so help is greatly apprecaited.









I need Logic to export its Time Code to the 828. So I can broadcast it to a slate. (this is a wierd situation)


However, MOTU SMPTE Setup is not hearing any time code from Logic -input is set to Listen To Sequencer?


It is a logic is not exporting it to MOTU problem? Or a logic is exporting it but it cannot hear anything because Logic is not a MOTU product?

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Project Settings > Synchronization > Midi


there's an MTC section where you can check the Transmit MTC box. under that you can select which port(s) to send MTC on. I'd start by making sure that is checked.

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Logic will only output actual SMPTE if you have a Unitor8 MIDI interface. But it doesn't do this in realtime (IOW, the Unitor can act as a SMPTE generator, but it doesn't generate timecode in accordance with when Logic plays).


Otherwise, if you need to generate an actual timecode signal (which is audio), you'll need to get some kind of MTC to SMPTE convertor. Then, if you need to capture that timecode in sync with when Logic plays, you can record the SMPTE signal on an audio track as it's generated in realtime against the MTC. In that case you need to enable MTC from Logic to get the convertor to read.


Just to be complete, MTC is not an audio signal and cannot be recorded for slating purposes. It has to be converted to real SMPTE timecode to do this.

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interesting, that is what I figured.


anyway I just bought a Motu Midi Time Piece AV USB, if anyone knows how to convert the MTC from Port 1 to SMPTE OUt via audio please post and you will be my hero for the day.




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Hey There Mr. Sinner,


I noticed that on this page it says that it'll convert MTC to LTC (linear time code), so I'm assuming that should be covered in the MTP manual. (I hope, I think, I would presume... I would... [bLUDGEON!!!] )


Oh yes, I feel much better now...




Enable MTC to output from Logic and see if the MOTU responds. I hope it works out!

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If Anyone ever needs to do this.


They need to buy a MIDI Time Piece AV from Motu and a sound card with Time Code Out.


Under sync settings have logic spit out MTC to All Ports just to be sure.


Then From My 828 or whatever your soundcard is - connect Time Code Out from the soundcard into the SMPTE In on the Time piece and it will do an automatic MTC to SMPTE conversion and enable you to export SMPTE out via 1/4 TRS.


I don't expect anyone to ever have this problem but just to put a solution into the search database.



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