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Cannot see channel input and MIDI question

Spud Porter

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Two main issues: The 1st is, This deals with an audio track, i have the main outs of my keyboard (both L and R) running into the Inputs of my M-box (input 1 and 2)for some reason if i want to track in audio i can only see the input signal comming in on the track if it is Mono, if i click the little circle and change it to stereo i can no longer see live input, only after its been recorded...and i have checked my channel inputs


2nd problem, i realize MIDI doesnt carry audio, there just messages, however, if i made a beat in logic on External Instrument tracks ...(meaning sounds from my actaul keyboard) and recorded all MIDI...when i bounce the song and send it to I-Tunes, why can i not hear the songs instruments? im thinking because i didnt record the audio...all i did was make MIDI messages...but i thought there was a way around all this so you didnt have to always track in audio...sorry if ive been confusing can anyone help? Thanks

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