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How can you salvage a corrupt song file?


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L8.0.2 + 10.5.4 have been fast & stable for me then yesterday 4 crashes on one song :o


Therefore, I presume it's the song not the DAW


The crash occurs when I apply a crossfade to 2 audio regions. In addition, I can't glue audio regions


As I've nearly completed the song I don't fancy starting again just to eliminate the corruption


Are there any saving/cleaning up strategies you could advise?


Thanks for your help! :)

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I've had a few corrupt songs. It sucks. Have you looked in the Project File Backup folder and tried to open up a slightly older version of your song? Another tactic, if this is possible, is to bounce all the tracks as audio and load them into a new project. Once a project file gets corrupted, I usually abandon the project file and transfer as much stuff as I can to a new one, rather than spend hours trying to figure out what weird collection of details is causing the conflict. I have found that a lot of times if I unload and reload various plugins this fixes some things. Also try disabling and re-enabling the core audio driver. The last project file that I had that got corrupted, any time I tried to move or edit a region, it disappeared and reappeared on a random track. There is also a way in the project options menu to attempt to fix corrupted songs. I don't remember exactly where, search the docs. This didn't work the one time I tried it, but still.


Good luck.

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