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Software instrument tracks vs Audio recording latency


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Hi Everyone,


I have this problem, I always do most of my music with software, everything sound pretty good and on time.


But when I'm trying to record external audio, like a guitar it's always a little late with respect to my other software instruments.


I always starts with instrument software and rewire applications, then I record vocals and guitars. but it's always the same. I have to move a little bit the audio track, like 476 samples to the left.


I already did that testing of setting the recording delay by using a drum beat in one logic track and then record the track via my 828 inputs and then change the phase of the recorded track and all that stuff so you can get total silence. I can't make total silence tough.


So after doing this test, I got a 478 sample delay in the sample editor by moving the anchor point. So I changed the recording delay to -478


so this is my set up before I do any recording:


-low latency mode enabled

-plug in delay compensation set to all

-128 Buffer size

-software monitoring enabled

-recording delay -478


Still don't work well, I can hear the guitar a little late anyway.

Maybe is because I have so many software instrument tracks, and rewire and all that



Any advice


Is there a way to set instead the software instrument tracks to play 478 samples later?

I should record first the audio and then add software instruments?


Pro help please!!!





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