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GigaStudio Bites the Dust

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WOW! I was helping a film composer today, and he kept asking me about Giga Studio. I was a little hesitant and tried hard to explain that in my opinion setting up a bunch of PCs as samplers controlled by his mac was the "way of the past". I didn't know I would be THAT right! :wink: ... and we spent a good few minutes looking online for the elusive mac version. All we could find were a tons of forum posts dated from a year ago or more stating that the mac version was "just around the corner".


Oh well. Time to start up OS 9 so I can open Studio Vision Pro.

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Yeah I too was taken by surprise...


I just logged on to Tascam's site too see what the word was on GVI 4, as Dave said it's been a while since it was originally announced.


Low and behold, no products under the software link... I thought this was either very good news (could be updating the page with a new release) or very bad news...


Resorting to a Google search I soon got my answer.


I was thinking about migrating too it since I'm unhappy with the lack of progress on the EXS24, Kontakt seemed to be a pig for resources (and possibly too popular with everyone else for my liking)... this lead me to GigaStudio, not liking what the reviews had to say on Mach5 2(CPU hog as well)


Sooooo... While I'm not ready to make up my mind yet, the axing of GVI has thrown me off a bit


I wonder if anyone procures the technology...and who??


Hell Tascam haven't even updated their drivers for Leopard yet!!... I'm getting by, just


I am incredibly pissed off at the way they are running things lately...


It's almost at the state that if they're not careful they will go bust in my opinion!!


They're certainly making no friends, but lots of enemies.

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Well, this was certainly expected.

It's just a dated way of working. I've read interviews with serveral scorers that has gone into great detail on the process of how they traded gigastudio for logic, how reluctant they were and how satisfied they are now.


I'm sure some people will be completly unaffected by this and will continue to have their setup as they've had for years and years, but if you google you can see small hints about tascams next product, seems like they're finally catching up and a revamped version could shake up the scoring scene quite drastically.

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Possible... but I don't think Tascam will be the ones to do it...


They couldn't manage simply porting GVI to the Mac, and the sure as hell can't even manage to update their hardware drivers.


I think maybe Tascam bailed on GigaStudio so that they can focus on servicing their hardware clients by doing just that...updating the drivers....MAYBE


It may have just been a resources issue.


I got one question for anybody with an answer...


Were Tascam in the computer hardware game BEFORE they acquired Nemesys and Gigastudio??


Maybe it's the old folks from Nemesys doing all of Tascams coding??


It would certainly explain a few things

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