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Pitch bend- what am I doing wrong?


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I was playing around tonight and couldn't get any of the soft synths to react to pitch bend from my controller.


1. Duff controller? Nope- it's a guitar with a midi pick up going through a GR09 synth. The midi out from the GR09 goes into a MOTU inteface and into Logic.

I looked in the logic environment and opened a midi monitor layer. It shows the midi information, and the pitch bend data can be seen in there. In this layer there's nothing between the monitor window and the sequnecer input. As I can see the pitchbend data in the midi monitor window I'm assuming it's getting as far as Logic.


2. Wrong softsynth? Nope- I've tried several, both Logic and third party ones.


3. Wrong sounds that won't allow pitchbend? Nopre- I've tried many sounds (strings, synths).


In the inspector there seems nothing wrong. In the MIDI preferences, pitchbend is not ticked in the filter section.


I've tried new projects from the built in templates, still no pitchbend.


Now, it's possible that last year I wanted to turn off pitchbend to "Play" piano from the guitar, but I thought I did that using a filter before the MIDI got to Logic.


Can anyone point me to possible solutions? It's probably something obvious and I can't see it for looking at it!




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