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Loud noise burst on playback


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Hey Folks,


I upgraded from Logic 7 to 8 perhaps 2 months ago and have an issue that only occurs on certain songs. I get an intermittent LOUD burst of hiss upon playback (sounds like white noise, as opposed to pink, blue, etc., or digital artifacts). Length of hiss varies from less than a second to under 2 seconds. Occurs perhaps 50% of the time. Sometimes accompanied by a short sample from a vocal track pitched down perhaps an octave or more (and sometimes I hear that instead of the noise). There is never any vocal content under the playback locater when this occurs at the top of a song (might occur with other, non-vocal tracks -- but I haven't noticed). The pitch transposed artifacts are generally much quieter than the hiss which is LOUD and more than annoying.


I've never experienced this on new Logic 8 songs or any of my existing Logic 7 songs that I've opened up in 8. This issue occurs specifically with a set of 5 songs that were recorded in Logic 7 on an someone else's laptop. In that set of sessions we recorded 8 tracks of drums -- numerous takes for every song. I open up the Logic 7 song in Logic 8 on my rig, and re-import a set of stems (previously recorded guitar/bass/etc.).


I'm not yet using any plug-ins on 4 out of 5 songs. I'm running a dual PPC 2 Ghz with 5 gigs of ram and an M-Audio Firewire 1814 interface (but not for too much longer -- I'm drooling over an 8-core intel + Apogee Symphony setup).


When I add automation to zero the track volume at the top of the song the problem stops occurring at the top, but still occurs when I start playback in mid-song (where the zero-volume trick won't work, obviously).


I've wondered whether I have a clock/sample rate issue (because of the occasional pitch transposition), but this ONLY occurs with this specific set of drum-kit recordings imported from Logic 7


I've been browsing the internet for a solution but so far have only come up with the "some plug-ins aren't clearing their buffers upon receiving an AU reset command" issue. Seems like it might be related though, or that Logic isn't clearing its own buffers -- without any zeroed-volume automation at the top, the noise doesn't occur when I first playback after opening, but only after playing some content. If I play back from the top, prior to any content, the noise can occur the first time, but not the 2nd, 3rd, etc., until I play some content, after which the issue can occur again (but not always).


Any ideas are very much appreciated.



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