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multi-instrument subchannels


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This issue has probably been addressed before but I want to start a new thread on it. When trying to adjust multi-instrument midi tracks, the fader adjusts the volume for my instrument. Is there a way for my fader to affect the midi channel that was supposed to be adjusted? Im using version 7.1 by the way
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Have you set the channels for each part of the multi-instrument? My JV1080 has 16 sub-channels set with a fader for each one in the mixer.


See pics - I have selected Ch 5 for JV1080, I move the mixer fader and it outputs CC7 data on Ch5.


How is your multi-instrument set up to receive CC7 data?





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I was wondering if you are addressing an external multi-instrument? How is it set to receive MIDI CC? Is it set to "ALL" (global?)


I can't follow why your LP mixer faders for each MIDI sub-channel of multi-instrument address to "ALL" MIDI channels. If you have set the Multi-Instrument's sub channels to address their individual MIDI channel then CC should be generated by a fader on it's specific assigned MIDI channel. That was the purpose of my previous pics. I only cabled JV1080 output to a monitor to show that CC from the fader on Sub-Channel 5 is sending on that channel - etc for all 16.


My setup displays in mixer individual channel strips for each sub-channel of Multi-instrument. With JV1080 sub-channel "5" selected - JV1080 Strip 5 is highlighted in mixer and sends data on Channel 5. I have set my external instruments to receive as per sent MIDI. So sounds on different JV channels are addressed individually not global.


So I am not sure what is happening for you without knowing full MIDI path you are using.




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Just to be absolutely clear...


Are you using an *external* (real, hardware...JV1080 or similar) synth, or an Internal (software) instrument plugin?



External ones (provided they have been set up correctly in multi-timbral mode) should work as previously described.


Internal ones do not....


For internal multi-timbral plugins, this might help:





See also the Environment section of this forum.



The most basic solution (if the plugin supports it) is to run in multi-output channel mode, and to adjust the volumes of the Aux outputs.







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