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Sidechain Kick and BASS


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Can someone go through step by step the process.


I saw a video, but got stuck when he changed to solo, then clicked on the x'd out line, mine did not come up with a menu. Can someone please explain in simple steps this complex procedure.

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Here is a great video, I had a bit of trouble with this but I got it eventually.


Step by step:

1. Start with a kick and a bass (obviously)

2. Put a compressor on the bass

3. Go to the kick, go to 'sends', hold your mouse down on an empty spot and a menu will pop up.

4. Select a bus (any bus will do)

5. On the bus, select no input

6. On the bass's compressor, in the upper right corner, select side chain- the bus you assigned the kick to.

7. After adjusting the compressor threshold and ratio you should now hear the sidechaining.

5. Optional, but VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW!- Say you want the bass to continue sidechaining while the kick is not present... Go to the kick where it sends to the bus, click and hold and a menu will appear. Select "PRE". The sidechain is now completely independent from the volume of the kick. Before, it would've stopped sidechaining if you turned the kick all the way down. Now with volume automation you can remove the kick from parts of your song but still have a sidechain. The kick still has to be going though, for this to work. This is a very important loophole to know. I figured that out by myself though, so there might be a better way to do it.


Hope that helps, I've only done it once so I'm not that experienced.

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