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Automation - embedded and cannot remove!


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hi folks,


i could really really do with some help with this problem as its driving me nuts and will crop up again and again...i recently upgraded to Logic Pro 8 from Logic Express 7, opening Logic 7 files in Logic 8 is fine, however i have one track which had a lot of automation set from Logic 7 which was hyper drawn onto the individual pieces of audio etc. When opening in Logic 8 these automation settings are still embedded within each individual loop/piece of audio so when i set automation in Logic 8 as soon as it hits the piece(s) of audio it reverts to the embedded Logic 7 automation. I have tried every kind deleting automation, resetting track automation etc as per the manual but as the automation isn't 'on the screen' Logic isn't identifying it yet still responds to the commands.


For example, i have a guitar loop that i hyper drew with a large crescendo which i now want to adjust but when i try and put in volume automation, every split second the fader flicks between the automation i have just programmed and the Logic 7 embedded automation!!!


Any ideas would be very much appreciated as i have a batch of songs to import to Logic 8!



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