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Chris Sundive - Progressive Trance


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1) Links are in my signature.


Most of Astral Walk and Free Dimension (which is my first track using Logic to be honest :lol: ) are made purely using Logic Pro 8 internal features.


I have to say one thing : IM IN LOVE WITH SCULPTUREEEEE !!!!!!!11

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Hey, thx : ) nope, not signed yet. I just dont get too much attention I suppose :roll: :wink:


My advice :

1 ) Think ... or rather feel what you want to convey in your music. Without that the best sounding track is worthless ( Ive done few myself ... and its a shame ;P )


2 ) grab a good EQ with analyzer ( Logics channel EQ is great), get a good compressor ( preferably more than one, I favor UAD stuff ), for trance a good reverb is a must ( UAD or Powercore ), delays from Logic are great


A good sample lib ( or more than one ) for fat drums.


Learn how to use that stuff and realize your vision. Its simple really ;)


Any specific questions, just ask : )

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