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Audio tracks drop out on cycle...


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I tried to do a search on this but had no luck....i guess i dont really know how to label this problem. Basically i get to a point in a song where i am using lots of tracks and lots of plugins, where i select a 2 bar cycle and it will play through 1 and half times then tracks start to drop off, usually the ones i want to hear the most!! leaving me with a few parts and an exs sub playing (midi) which always seems unnaffected.


I have a new mac pro (10.5.4 & 8.0.2) and i really dont think i am pushing it that hard, the cpu and hd meters are not reading very high at all. I did have amplitube on but bounced the part down and took it off. i also deleted loads of tracks and plugins but the problem still exists.


Anyone know how to make it go away?





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