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OK Boys. We need this for logic...

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Yup, that sig makes me laugh every time too! :mrgreen: But y'know what makes me laugh hysterically? The idea of controlling a DAW from a phone that's not much bigger than an index card! But still, I agree, "they" (whomever "they" are) should make one for Logic, though the control surface should be about 20x the size of that iPhone.
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the most tolerant forum on the internet?




but this sig getting a bit stale now. so i'm waitin for some more serious trolling to go down in order to update - and not just another mundane moaning about the lack of "beat detective-like feature", i want some real hate!

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Cool. Now all we need is a $5-10 one.


I agree that controlling all aspects of faders is a bit redic on hte iphone or ipod touch, but just being able to arm record and trigger the transport from across the room seems like a great asset.


I'm reminded of my 20' corded remote for my 80-8. Wow, am I old.




by the by, Ipod touch's are free with a new macbook, by the way for those of you who can fake that their in college...


Additionally, my 'boys' comment was meant as generically as possible, much like men, or mankind.


In other words, I would love it just as much to have some women create an app that does the same thing, for less.


Most iphone / ipod touch apps run between free and $20. This one is pretty impressive, and could be used professionally, for sure. As the article alludes, though, many DAW users who use a touch or iphone wouldn't think twice about plopping down $15-$20. $40, not so much. I can get a couple sets of studio loops from betamonkeymusic for that...


I'm thinking there's a almost free one for logic that will happen quite soon.


Ahoy logic / iphone hackers. WE NEED YOU!

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