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Saving Logic Files in Directories

Dirty NeEdLeZ

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Hi guys,


I've got a couple project folders on my desktop. These folders contain all the data necessary for my projects, (samples, project files, etc). Now, to optimize my HD data I want to transfer these to a different drive. My question is, When I re-open Logic and want to access that project, will Logic know to search the new drive? Or will it search the desktop for those files? If so, what do I need to do to make sure Logic points to the right place?


Many thanks.



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It contains Audio Files, Undo Data, Project File Backups (I assume some of these folders were 'automagically' created by Logic), and some of my imported samples that I saved into the project folder.


The projects were saved as Logic project files - unsure of the ext. They are sitting in the desktop folder for that particular project. In terms of including assets, I assume that is the related samples, libraries, exs intruments? One of them has them, the other doesn't.



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