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Tuning Kick in Logic

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Hi all,


I would like to know how you can tune your kick (sub and regular) in logic, and not just kicks for that matter, any percussion (toms, cymbals etc.)


I know that you can tune drums in UltraBeat, but I am wondering if there is anyway that you can tune (a sub for example) in a piano roll type fashion, having it hit different notes in the SAME region.


One song that utilizes the effect I have in mind is I'm So Hood:


Bad quality because it's streaming but you can clearly hear the tuning of the sub throughout. And is that just your standard issue 808 kit sub??


I could be missing something, but in UltraBeat it seems like you would have to assign the same kit to another key and change the tuning to do this. Any help would be great, thanks!



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One thing that I could suggest is to first find as Sub that you like.


Then make a one hit sample of it within Logic.


Edit it to your liking.


Load that edited sample into the EXS24.




I realize it seems a little extreme just to be able to have tuned sub kicks, but that is one way of doing it.


Another way that I can think of is to load a kit within the EXS24, and utilize Midi Automation of the Pitch Bend for that particular note that has your kick. I have made that work before - but the results aren't quite the same.


just a couple of suggestions.

Somebody will probably have something better.

Good luck with your quest, though.

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Hahaha, is that your video?? I laughed so hard. Shoes?? What the??

Was that an actual thread on here or something? haha I so favorited it.


Anyways, isn't that pretty much exactly what I'm trying to do? I know it says it's for beginners, but I don't know how much more advanced you would want to get.


And when you "make a one hit sample of it within logic," does this mean just record and hit the sub once, then add plug-ins like EQ etc.? I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to editing sounds, as for the longest time I've basically just used all the soft synths and kits as is.


Thanks for the replies and the video



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Yes, sir. I'm afraid that is me.


Glad that it brought you a smile!

That (and sometimes a small lesson) is mainly what I am aiming for.


It was an actual thread on the GearSlutz forum ... I thought that I was going to get some good ol' porn!


I was assuming that was what you were trying to do - but I wasn't positive.

It is considered beginner when we are surrounded by so many pro's - especially in this forum. So I am definitely considered a noob, too!


AS for the one-hit sample - I just found a sub-kick for UltraBeat --> played the note one time --> then bounced that to my desktop --> then dragged the bounced file into my EXS24 (like on the video).


But you can find a few free sub-kick samples on the internot!


Just Google for a little bit - and you'll find one that you like.


Or there is always the "create your own" option as well.


thanks a lot for watching the videos - and the kind words.

I appreciate it.

Take care & good luck to you.

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