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assign different inputs / outputs to existing channels


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is there a quick way to assign different interface i/o's to already existing channels at once (like in PT), kinda like the way you can choose it when creating new audio tracks (by ticking ascending)?


I definitely need that to adopt to new mixing / recording environments,





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Just in case the post was not understood, here everything again in detail:


Let's say I've already created 8 mono audio tracks. All of the audio tracks have the same interface input. Is there a quick way (key combination or whatever) in Logic 8 that lets me assign interface input 1 to the first audio track, interface input 2 to the second audio track, interface input 3 to track 3 etc. without having to do it track by track?


Or, let's say I did my edits and some fx etc. at home to my 48 track production and now I want to go to a studio, connect my audio interfac to the desk there and have every audio track go into a single console channel (so I can mix on the console), as I did my work at home only through logic and the stereo out of my interface (Output 1-2), I now would need a quick way to assign different mono outputs of the audio interface to the different tracks within logic.


Any idea?

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