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Keyboard locking up when doing some combination.


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This has happened about 7 times so far.


I am zooming, splitting zooming etc with cmd, ctrl, alt keys mouse wheel.

Suddenly my keyboard locks - only function keys and cmd,ctrl etc keys work - nothing in the middle!


I hear a little locking (key in hole turning maybe?) sound and then all I can do is restart.


Q1 - is this a logic thing?

Q2 - is this a macbook thing?


I have macbook, leopard, logic pro 8, logitech v470 mouse.

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I have no idea what that sound is that you're hearing, but what you're describing suggests that your mouse needs re-charging (it's a cordless mouse, yes?)


It could be (maybe, just a guess) an incompatibility between the Logictech mouse driver and OSX. Do you have a special Logic set-up in your Logictech Control Center? (System Prefs pane).


When this happens, does the keyboard work in any other applications? (Knowing the answer to this question is KEY).

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O wow I have almost found the combination - I was able to turn it off and on and off and on and off.


Its something while holding alt/option and then pressing mouse buttons or scroll side.


The sound is like a metal tinkle going up - to lock and down in pitch to unlock.


anyone ever heard of this?

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