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Score - Guitar TAB Setup Help Please


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Hello All,


I am writing guitar with "Style: Guitar" in TAB view. My problem is that LP is forcing fingering I don't want. Easy example..... C Maj scale. I want A string - 3rd fret, then A string - 5th fret, and so on. It forces A - 3rd fret and D - Open.

I read the Guitar Tablature section of the manual but just can't seem to grasp the concept. Can any one assist in how to set up so I can force any fingering I want?


With channel chosen rather than pitch, I can go past the 4th fret but only on the low E string? It's so confusing I just don't get it.


I so appreciate any help.

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Thanks axslinger, I searched everywhere for others having the same problem. It seems the post ends right where my post starts. At least now I know others are working on it too. When and if I figure this one out I will post my results. Till then has anyone out there been thru this?
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I did some Bass tabs for my son when he was just starting and to set the higher frets you have to select a higher channel,but it's not incremental,nor regular,as I remember.

The changes occur approximately every 4 channels or so.

It's been a while,so....

Might have a look later and see if I can help more if you're stuck.

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You are nearly there!


1 Don't forget that the guitar is a transposing instrument: it's written an octave higher than it sounds. Set the Staff style for the TAB and the Treble clef to be +12 semitones.


2 In Project Settings:Score:GuitarTAB, assign by channel


3 In the Event List, adjust the channel of the notes, so that the TAB shifts to the correct string.









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